New Plan begins delivering the SERRANO Residence,its first project in the new administrative capital


New Plan Developments has announced the start of delivering units in the SERRANO Residence, its first project in the heart of the new administrative capital, representing a significant step in the development of the Egyptian real estate market. SERRANO Residence is located in a strategic location close to vital areas within the administrative capital, making it an ideal choice for those wishing to live in the center of the new city.

SERRANO Residence units are characterized by modern and luxurious designs that meet the needs of various clients, and the project includes a wide range of services and facilities including green spaces, fitness centers, recreational areas, and shopping areas, providing a comprehensive residential experience.

The chairman of New Plan expressed pride in the accomplishment of this project, pointing out that SERRANO Residence represents a prominent milestone in the company’s journey towards achieving Egypt’s 2030 vision for urban development in line with the latest international standards. He added that the company faces multiple challenges, especially in the current economic conditions, but its commitment to providing the best services to its clients has always been at the core of its strategy.

Early buyers and experts in the real estate market have expressed admiration for the level of finishing and construction quality, indicating that the SERRANO Residence project is a valuable investment that meets their expectations. The company looks forward to successfully delivering all units on the specified dates and aims to launch more projects in the new administrative capital to keep pace with the increasing demand for luxury housing.

Additionally, the company has recently completed the delivery of the “Eclat Residence project in Port Said, another project that reflects New Plan’s commitment to expanding its business scope and enhancing its presence in the Egyptian market. Eclat Residence is a residential project that combines elegance and comfort, designed to provide a distinguished living environment with high-quality services.

Amid the current economic challenges, New Plan continues to adopt strategies that maintain its continuity and growth in the market. By focusing on innovation in design and quality in construction, the company seeks to maintain customer satisfaction and enhance their trust, indicating a long-term vision that ensures the sustainability and success of its projects.

New Plan’s commitment to quality and innovation in the SERRANO Residence and Eclat Residence projects demonstrates the company’s ability to adapt to market requirements and customer expectations.

Thanks to these projects, the company can occupy a prominent position in the real estate market, making it one of the leading companies in this field.

As work progresses in the new administrative capital, the company continues to enhance its presence with projects that meet the increasing demand for luxury housing and contribute to shaping the urban future of Egypt.

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